The Climate Crisis is Real, and has Ethical Implications for Psychotherapists

Regardless of what you personally might feel about climate change, millions of people are being affected in a very real, and often catastrophic way.  A recent report in Reuters indicates that climate change is by far the leading cause of internal displacement and forced migration. About 10.3 million people were displaced by climate change-induced events such as flooding and droughts in just the last six months, the majority of them in Asia.

But America is experiencing dire effects also…wildfires, droughts, heatwaves, flooding and vector-borne diseases such as Lyme and West Nile Virus are causing untold suffering and billions of dollars. And even when not personally affected by a natural disaster, the realities of climate change, including knowledge of the suffering of others, the loss of special places, and the detrimental toll on wild life, is causing angst amongst millions of American, especially young people, who fear for their future. Mental health professionals need to be prepared to assist the coming mental health crisis caused by climate change.

Susan and her two of her colleagues have written a groundbreaking new CEU course specifically for psychotherapists to help them understand climate change, the effects on our clients, and how to help our clients navigate these uncharted waters.

This is a five CEU course and satisfies the 3 hour ethics requirement for renewal. Check out “The Climate Crisis and It’s Implications for Mental Health in the 21st Century”.

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